My New Blog. Damn I never thought I would have one of these.

OK.  So I am new to blogging, but not to giving my input.  I am not the one to tell someone what to do, but I have always been one that people have been able to take useful advice from.  I hope that this can be a good experience, because I never would have thought that I would make and operate a personal blog.

There are many reasons for the creation of my blog, but mainly to give me a way to vent and express myself and interests.  My wife Kristin has her blog at (which she has had for years), and has always said I should make one.  She told me “do whatever you want,” but I was unsure of what I would do.

So to make this short and quick, I will try and make something interesting and useful, and not a bunch of bull nachos.


  1. MOM says

    I’m happy to see you finally got your blog started! I think you will do great especially since you are 100 % DAD, it will be interesting to see your family life through your eyes in your blog. I think you will have some good advice and insight for other dads like Kristen does for the moms

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